How to choose

modern crystal chandelier


To size a chandelier for your dining room, or to be the focal point of your space, measure the length and width of the room and add those figures together. The sum, converted to inches, will equal the diameter that you can use as a guideline when selecting the size of your chandelier.

LENGTH of room + WIDTH of room = # of INCHES chandelier DIAMETER should measure [..]

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kitchen island lighting idea


Remember to use a lighting control to set the mood, from a cozy sharing of a quiet meal, to helping with homework, to preparing for the party.

You can hang your vintage glass pendants high for overall lighting out of eyesight or drop them down to become an integral feature approximately 30” above your work surface. Work to the scale of your island and use 1, 2, 3 or 5 for the best lighting and the best style. [..]

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ceiling fan


Energy conservation and rising fuel costs make ceiling fans a natural choice when it comes to conserving our natural resources. Ceiling fans not only circulate cool air in the summer, they also help with the
movement of warm air in the winter.
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