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Table Lamp Solutions

table lamps

Update Your Decor with Table Lamps

Upgrading lighting is one of the easiest ways to instantly update your home décor. And the most effortless way to change your lighting is by using table lamps. All you need to do is put a plug in an outlet and, voilà, instant ambiance.

Today, we’ve got probably the most diverse level of design and variety of styles ever before seen in the lighting industry, which is probably reflective of the general public’s willingness to look at design as a main part of their life. People are more conscious of how they can improve their space, thanks in part to the popularity of shows such as those on HGTV.

As the public has become more design savvy, it’s given the green light for manufacturers to look at table lamps in a new way, which has created a tremendous explosion in designs. The beauty of lamps today is just the extraordinary variety of style, shapes, forms, textures.

Metal finishes have really come on strong, very polished, brilliant finishes like polished steel and chrome, to very subtle shades like bronze and pewter.” Finishes can also tend to be more textured which gives lamps a lot of personality and a lot of soul.

Lampshades are also getting more adventurous and whimsical, both in their shape and in the use of colour. Years ago it was almost impossible to sell a shade that wasn’t white or cream. Today darker shades are more popular, especially when used as accent lighting. There’s also a lot of freshness in the shapes. 60’s style drum shades are presently very “hot”.

While table lamps can be used for task lighting, there has been an increase of very small lamps used for accent lighting and to add ambiance. Their diminutive size allows them to be placed on non-traditional places like bookshelves and windowsills.

However, some manufacturers have taken the opposite tack when it comes to size, providing lamps that are a little over scaled, perhaps in response to today’s homes which are getting progressively larger. In the past people bought lamps and used them forever. Today, more people are routinely buying lamps to update their décor much like one would buy a new set of bed linens or pillows.

Affordability has made it easier than ever for people to switch out their lamps periodically. It’s not economically feasible for most people to keep up with the latest design trends by switching out high-ticket items like sofas, but by changing something like pillows and lamps one can instantly change the whole look of a room.

The first thing people sense when they walk into a space, is the quality of the light. Lighting affects us in so many ways… When you flick on a light your eye automatically goes to it because it’s brighter than anything else in that space.

There’s are formulas by which one can determine how much lighting a room needs however, as a minimum you should have at least 3 lamps or light sources per room, which allows you to create a triangle of light, which will add visual balance to the space.