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lighting for a maturing population

Remodel Your Lighting For Eyesight, Energy, and Style

As people get older there is more time to really enjoy their homes. The kids have grown and moved away, and being physically comfortable has, perhaps, become more important than it once was. Aging eyes need better and more light to be comfortable.

Baby boomers are finding that they need three to four times as much light, and that glare is harder on the eyes. Fluorescent bulbs can be easier to see by than regular light bulbs. LED lights are being used more for their reduced glare in close-up task applications, and halogen is great for its white light quality. You can choose energy-efficient bulbs in many styles for redecorating your whole house.

When contemplating a renovation, consider how lighting renewal can transform your eyesight, living space and energy consumption.

Many of today’s lighting trends include energy efficiency and conservation. People are seeking decorative ways to direct light exactly where it is needed and also conserve energy. Under-cabinet fixtures and multiple pendant lights in nooks and over sinks and counters are great ways to add decorative flair. And the new lighting is available with high wattage and low voltage to get a higher output per watt.

Ceiling fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, recessed lighting and track lighting are all now available in a selection of styles that are compatible with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs as well as light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

What Exactly Are LED Lights?

Joe Rey-Barreau, a professor in architecture and interior design at the University of Kentucky, explains.

“Light-emitting diodes resemble a very small computer chip in a sandwich of two very thin layers of glass with a chemical in between. When charged with electricity, they emit powerful illumination while consuming miniscule amounts of electrical energy.”

Today LED lights are being used in traffic lights, flashlights and cars. Soon they will penetrate the residential market, and eventually replace regular light bulbs. They’re extremely long lasting with 50 to 100 times more light (per watt) and 50,000 to 100,000 more hours.

Until then, here are a few tips for improving light for aging eyes:

  • In the kitchen, add under-cabinet fixtures to make food preparation easier, and pendant fixtures over the island or breakfast nook for aesthetic and practical purposes.
  • Illuminate a prized painting, book collection or family heirloom with recessed, track or rail lighting systems.
  • Deliver light exactly where you want it with Flex Rail. It’s twistable to configure to any position you want, and you can hang pendants, directional headlights, or fixtures right from the rail.
  • A chandelier over the dining table provides general lighting perfect for dining, tasks or table games.
  • Recessed lighting or Flex Rail can also be a great solution for creating task lighting for reading or hobbies. You can also add a dimmer for full lighting control.