DELICIOUS LOOKS. The kitchen has become "social central" for family gatherings and entertaining. That means you need lighting to accomplish two things: task lighting for the actual business of cooking and cleaning; and mood lighting to create drama or to highlight specific design elements, like cabinet displays. Try mixing traditional overhead lighting or track lighting with pendant lights, under-cabinet lights or foot lights to create just what you need, when you need it.

kitchen lighting

The heart of the home.

The kitchen has truly become the heart of the family home. Not only is the kitchen being used for meal preparation, but for dining, office and homework, as well as a gathering and meeting place for family and friends. Proper lighting will help you facilitate the variety of tasks that are done in the kitchen, but will also allow you to create a softer, more enjoyable atmosphere for entertaining and family time. The best results are achieved through a blending of general, task, and decorative lighting.

See the tips below on how a little light can change your kitchen dramatically:

Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lights are generally a must in most kitchens. Fortunately there are lots of options that look great and brighten your kitchen for everyday tasks. Your choices run from fluorescent fixtures to track lighting to a ceiling fan with light to incandescent fixtures with single or multiple bulbs.

Sink And Range Lighting

Sometimes a little extra light can go a long way. Often task lighting for the range is provided with a range hood, but other options include surface mount or recessed downlights and track lighting, for any extra lighting you need.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

After you put your kitchen to bed, under-cabinet lighting can create the ambience of a soothing retreat for a late-night snack. It’s also extremely practical for performing counter tasks like preparing meals. Under-cabinet lighting will eliminate the concern of working in your own shadow, which can be a result of using only ceiling lighting. Slim line fluorescent, mini track lights and modular or linear low voltage systems, as well as LED, are a few alternatives.

Cabinet Or Display Lighting

Accentuate your beautiful china or glassware with kitchen display lighting. Try low voltage down lights, a linear system or curio lights for a dramatic effect.

Lighting Coves And Valances

Dramatic and decorative, there’s no area of your kitchen that won’t benefit from creative lighting. Try adding light to coves and valances for added effect.

Table, Island And Breakfast Bar Lighting

It never hurts to see what you’re eating – or who you’re dining with. And there are endless options to lighting your dining areas that range from ceiling fans, to track lighting, to pendant fixtures or chandeliers. All of these options can add to the overall decorative atmosphere of the kitchen.