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Entertainment Rooms

They say the kitchen is the most used room in the house, but if you were to sit down and tally up all the waking hours you spend in your home, you’d likely find the majority of them are spent in the entertainment room.

After all, that’s where the TV, DVD player, stereo, bar and most of the kids’ toys are kept. It’s also the room where you bring guests when you entertain. But how efficient your lighting?

With so much going on in there, it’s great to have a plan. Start the process by making a list of the activities you and your family plan to do in your entertainment room. They may include watching TV, reading, playing pool, hosting a party or playing with the kids. With so many activities going on, you need to layer the light so you’ll have it where – and when – you need it.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with general room lighting in the ceiling, which can be achieved either through a large fixture in the center of the room or through recessed cans, and put them on a dimmer. Dimmers are critical to avoid creating glare on the TV, and they also give you the ability to create ambiance in the room.
  2. Light the sitting areas with floor and table lamps. This will give you brighter, focused light to use for reading, crafting or other tasks.
  3. Add task and accent lighting to the bar and game table area. For the bar area, try hanging two or three mini pendants from the ceiling, adding toe-kick lighting under the cabinets and below the bar stools, and illuminating the inside of cabinets to show off glassware and collectibles.
    Over game tables, a special pool table lamp with multiple lights will eliminate shadows. Toe-kick lighting under the table itself is also a popular addition.
  4. Planning to do a lot of entertaining? Consider putting your lighting on a remote control system. This will allow you to adjust the entire room’s lighting from the comfort of your easy chair. With the click of a button you can turn on the wall sconces or lights over the pool table, shine lights on photographs on the bookcase, or dim them for a movie. At the same time, this type of system can also reduce energy use and extend the life of your light bulbs.