Bathroom Solutions

Bathroom Solutions

There are many creative methods for creating just the light you need for your bathroom. Check out the tips below on how to do just that.

Small-Room Options

A small bathroom demands smaller fixtures- with no compromise to illumination. Try a 2-4 light overhead vanity strip or decorative wall fixtures for a practical – and pleasing – alternative. To ensure you and your guests see yourselves in the best and most complimentary light, mount wall fixtures 60-70″ from the floor, and no further than 30″ apart to avoid shadows.

Shower And Tub Lighting

Tub tasks like grooming, reading labels or relaxing with a good book demand additional shower and tub lighting. Because they can get wet, try recessed down-lights (suitable for wet locations) for a dramatic – yet practical – look. Be sure they are shielded to diminish unwanted glare.

Ceiling Lighting

An overhead light is the easiest way to bathe the room with light for safety and practicality – as well as add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

Lighting A Large Mirror

Apply that make-up perfectly or get a nice, nick-free shave with a horizontal vanity light strip. One of the advantages of this type of lighting is that a multi bulb light source will provide shadow free illumination for your grooming tasks.

The ideal height for the light strip is 78″ from the floor.

Theatrical Light Strips

An alternative to the vanity light strip, these softly glowing strips of globe-shaped incandescent bulbs provide shadow-free light with a distinctive look. A dimmer allows you to control the amount of light.

Mood Lighting

Go ahead. Create a bathroom that doubles as a cozy retreat. By simply adding a dimmer to your choice vanity, overhead or wall lights, you can control the atmosphere of your bathroom to fit your mood perfectly.

Night Lights

Night lights don’t have to be unsightly. A low-voltage linear lighting system in the toe spaces beneath cabinets will provide a safe and soothing amount of light for those late night wake up calls.