ENERGY WISE LIGHTING. We’ve got lots of smart ideas about conserving energy, improving the efficiency of electrical energy use in the home, and protecting the environment – all of which add up to saving you money over the long run.

Energy-Efficiency with Ceiling Fans

Although ceiling fans cannot contribute directly to savings on lighting energy costs, they can contribute significantly to savings on electrical costs associated with space heating and cooling. Household electrical costs associated with space heating and cooling are in the range of 35-45%. Using a ceiling fan can help to cool our homes in summer, and helps to more efficiently distribute heated air in winter.

Although it’s difficult to place an exact savings amount related to the use of ceiling fans, it’s an established fact that ceiling fans can help to reduce electrical costs by creating greater efficiency in how we heat and cool our home environments. For instance, during the summer months, a fan can make the room feel as much as eight degrees cooler, reducing the need to run the air conditioning. Many people find that it’s often more comfortable to turn off the air-conditioner at night, and use a ceiling fan at low speed in the bedroom.  During the colder months fans can improve a home’s heating efficiency by circulating the pocket of warmer air that otherwise rises to the ceiling.

Many ceiling fans now carry an Energy Star rating with improved motor and blade designs that require less energy to run than conventional fan/light units. This can save you an additional $15 to $20 per year on utility bills, plus any additional air conditioning or heating savings gained when the fan is operated properly.