ENERGY WISE LIGHTING. We’ve got lots of smart ideas about conserving energy, improving the efficiency of electrical energy use in the home, and protecting the environment – all of which add up to saving you money over the long run.

Energy-Efficiency with Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are devices for turning lights on and off or for dimming them. The most useful controls for increasing lighting energy-efficiency in a home are dimmers, photocells, timers and occupancy sensors.

  • Dimmers reduce the wattage and output of incandescent and fluorescent lamps and significantly increase the service life of incandescent lamps. Dimming fluorescents requires special dimming ballasts and fixtures, but does not reduce their efficiency.
  • Photocells turn lights on and off in response to natural light levels. Photocells switch outdoor lights on at dusk and off at dawn, for example.
  • Timers allow you to program when your lights will come on and shut off.
  • Occupancy sensors activate lights when a person is in the area and then turn off the lights after the person has left. They are popular for areas such as closets and recreation rooms.